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  • Sophomore Grade Academy


Knowledge drives life.


The 10th Grade Academy will prepare students with academic, as well as social and personal skills necessary for the next level of responsibility in school and life.

Meet the Faculty
Sophmore Academy Faculty
10th Grade Faculty
Contact Karen Balanquit  Karen Balanquit (505) 843-6400 ex: 20342 Special Education Science Faculty
Contact Stephanie Dunn  Stephanie Dunn (505) 843-6400 ex: 20210 Activities Director
Contact Silvina Farmin  Silvina Farmin (505) 480-3651 ex: 20121 Bilingual Social Studies, National Spanish Honor Soc, CraftyDawgs, GSA SafeZone
Contact Gary Gutierrez  Gary Gutierrez (505) 843-6400 ex: 20128 Special Education Faculty
Contact Susan Langner  Susan Langner (505) 843-6400 Language Arts Faculty
Contact Jacqueline Robison  Jacqueline Robison (505) 843-6400 ex: 20149 Mathematics Faculty



As members of the 10th Grade Academy, students are divided into three teams (Liberty, Opportunity, and Power), and share a common group of teachers.

The Sophomore Academy abides by the following principles. Take responsibility for your own learning by mastering these skills:

  1. Attend class and actively participate.
  2. Listen, read, and follow directions.
  3. Use agendas and binders as organizing tools.
  4. Write in complete sentences and show your work.
  5. Turn in work on the due date.
  6. Work to learn.

Parent Letter

Dear Parent/Guardian,

As a sophomore, your child is part of the AHS 10th Grade Academy. The teachers in the 10th Grade Academy want you to know that your child’s education is important to us and we want to work together with you to help your child succeed in school and life. 

The sophomore year in high school is one of great social and academic growth.  Outside of school, this is the year most students start thinking about taking on more mature responsibilities such as a job, a driver’s license, a long-term relationship, owning a car, and paying insurance costs.  Inside school, this is also the year that students begin to think about college or career options and what they need to do to academically prepare themselves for their future; therefore, this is the year where it is vital that students develop the skills to become self-directed learners. 

As an academy, we want to encourage the skills that we know all of us need to be successful in learning, and that will transfer to both employment and life.  To meet that end, we have adopted a unifying goal for our academy students and we will be implementing changes in our classes to teach the skills that will help our students be successful.

AHS 10th Grade Academy Goal

Take responsibility for your own learning by mastering these skills:

  1. Attend class and actively participate.
  2. Listen, read and follow directions.
  3. Use agendas and binders as organizational tools.
  4. Write in complete sentences and show your work.
  5. Turn in your work on due date.
No Late Work Policy

One of the most important policy changes is that we are adopting a no-late-work policy.  When students stay up-to-date in their class work, they feel more prepared and are able to participate and contribute positively to the class.  In addition, keeping track of due dates for assignments and meeting those deadlines also encourages responsibility and develops time-management skills that are important for their academic and social growth. 

To help our students succeed and turn in all assignments on time, we have agreed to do the following:

  1. Require an organized notebook (this will be defined by each teacher) with an assignment sheet for each class
  2. Post assignments in an easy-to-access place
  3. Keep a running grade point average in each class—or post grades after every unit (approximately every 2 weeks)
  4. Encourage students to write assignments in their agenda
Make-up Work Policy

When your child is absent, the work he/she missed is NOT late work; it is make-up-work. The following are guidelines we have put in place to help encourage students to be responsible for their work:

  1. According to school policy, students will have as many days as they were absent to make-up any work they may have missed
  2. Students are responsible for getting any work necessary when they return to class
  3. The 10th grade academy has adopted a late-work form that must be filled out and turned in with any make-up work.  Make-up work will not be accepted without the form signed by a parent or guardian.
We Need Your Support

Help your student:

  1. Make sure your child attends school every day. 
  2. Check your child’s agenda to see classwork and project due dates to assist her/him with time-management and successful completion of this work.
  3. Encourage your child to remember that learning doesn’t stop with school, and assist them in finding the best place and time to complete homework.  If they need assistance with homework there is a Tutoring Hotline: 344-3571—Monday thru Thursday from 5:30-8:30 pm.
  4. Let us help you.  Seek help from your child’s teacher if your child is having trouble.  

Call AHS at 843-6400 or go to Contact Us and click the blue envelope by staff names to email a teacher.  Communication is essential to developing an effective relationship between the school and home, so please let us know how we can help your child and we can work together to find solutions. 



10th Grade Academy Teachers