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Early Warning System Team

What is the Early Warning System?

  • EWS stands for Early Warning System & we are a team of teachers, administrators, school health professionals, counselors, & support staff whose goals are to help our high-risk students succeed in the areas of academics, attendance, & behavior; to address issues with equity, access, racial, & economic disparities in education; and to support teachers to best serve our students.

  • EWS is a function of a NM Public Education Department initiative, to identify and help students who may be falling behind in school.

  • Albuquerque High is a leader throughout the district & state in taking positive action to help our students.

How We Can Help

  • EWS helps connect with families of students who are chronically absent, have poor academics, or issues with behavior.

  • We work personally with students & families to assist & place early interventions to help students succeed throughout school year.

  • We help coordinate with teachers & staff to best serve students who need academic support & technology support.

  • And lastly, we also assist in referring students who may need school counseling, health services, and provide resources for various APS District Support Services for those with specific needs.

Our Team

  • César Hernández– Principal
  • Anna Laura Rodríguez – Assistant Principal
  • Mary Perea – Assistant Principal
  • Herbert Stanley– Assistant Principal
  • Vince Baty – Dean of Students
  • Barbara Timm - Counselor (Last Names A-ESC)
  • Adelena Aragon - Counselor (LUD-REX)
  • Ruben Garcia - Counselor (REY-Z)
  • Karla Torres-Montoya - College & Career Counselor
  • Brianda Hernandez - ESD-LUC
  • Michael Verrilli – Crossroads Counselor
  • Damien Flores – Dean of Students: Academic Intervention
  • KC Smith – Special Education
  • Maya Suazo – Special Education
  • David Jim Juarez – Special Education
  • Cathy Kroll - Social Worker