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Health Office Information

  • Lauri Sedalnick, Nurse
  • Mich Colwell, Health Assistant

The Health Office at Albuquerque High School is open during regular school hours from 7:25 AM to 2:25 PM.  Here is some information about what we do:

  1. Provide first aid for minor injuries.
  2. For serious injuries such as broken bones or head injuries that involve loss of consciousness, we will call parents and 911 and provide support until the ambulance arrives. 
  3. We see student who don’t feel well.  For fevers over 100 degrees or active vomiting, we ask the parent or guardian to pick up the student since this will be contagious.  The nurse will check for signs of Strep throat or ear infections and inform the parent or guardian if signs are present.  If the student does not have a fever and not vomiting, it is up to the parent or guardian to decide if the student needs to go home.  Students who are 18 years old can decide if they need to go home and sign themselves out.  We do check IDs on parents, guardians, and emergency contacts who pick up students.
  4. We store and give prescription medications at lunchtime with a signed APS provider’s order and written permission from the parent or guardian.  The forms can be found under the link for medication forms.  We cannot store or give medication without the completed forms.
  5. The forms for emergency medications such as albuterol inhalers and epi pens are found under the links to asthma and allergy action plans.  We need to have these even if the student carries the emergency medication in a backpack.  WE also have provider’s order forms for diabetes care in the health office and can supervise insulin dosing and carbohydrate counting as well as respond to emergencies related to diabetes.
  6. We review all immunization records.  The students who don’t have a completed record need to get the needed immunizations quickly.  We can assist the parent or guardian with names of clinics where these services are available.  The forms for exemptions can also be found under the Certificate of Exemption link.