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Which Test Should I Take

ALL U.S. COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES ACCEPT BOTH ACT and SAT! Submit whichever scores reflect your best performance! Check with the college(s) of your choice regarding their testing policy: do they require you to submit all scores? Just your best scores? Do they superscore (take the highest subsection from every test date to make a new, potentially higher composite score, sometimes even rounding up to the nearest whole number? (e.g., UNM does this.) Will they let you submit improved test scores that qualify you for a higher scholarship, after you've already been awarded a scholarship based on your lower test scores? (Some colleges do). Do they require the ACT or SAT optional writing section?  When in doubt, ask the college admissions or scholarship/financial department!


Make Sure You Take Your ACT/SAT

All schools across the nation accept either the ACT or SAT so it is your choice which one you want to take. You will need to sign up on your own. If you are on Free or Reduced Price Lunch you can get a fee waiver from the Counseling Office. 

ACT and SAT Waivers

Please note that students can receive ACT/ SAT waivers if they are on Free/Reduced Lunch.   If you have not signed up please visit the Link below to fill out an application

*Please note it take up to a week to process and show up in a students account. 


Test Costs 

list of fees for ACT and SAT

Important dates


ACT Test Dates         Register by         Late Reg.

December 14            Nov. 8                     Nov 22

February 8                 Jan 10                     Jan 17

April 4                        Feb 10                     March 13

June 13                      May 8                      May 22

July 18                        June 19                   June 26

SAT Dates

SAT Test Dates       Register by             Late Reg.

December 7            November 8           November 26

March 14                 February 14            March 3

May 2                       April 3                      April 21

June 6                      May 8                       May 27

ACT Writing: What you need to know

The 40-minute ACT writing test is optional, and is required by some U.S. colleges & universities. (At this time (Fall 2019), the ACT writing section is NOT required by any of our in-state colleges.)  Signing up for the ACT writing test adds an extra $16.00 to the cost of the test, for a total of $68.00. 

SAT Writing: What you need to know

The SAT writing section/essay is optional. Check with the college(s) of your choice to see if it is required. When in doubt, err on the side of signing up for and taking the essay portion.  Adds $15 to the cost of the test, bringing it to $64.50.

ACT/SAT Score Concordance

Click here for how the scoring of the two tests relate.

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