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Features and Benefits

  • Academy students have the same three to four core teachers for the entire year  (Algebra I, English 9, Biology, and NM/Health)
  • Common collaboration period for faculty to meet
  • Students may be placed in Strategies classes for additional support
  • The curriculum is engaging, challenging and meets the requirements, as outlined by the NM State Academic Standards for each subject
  • Careful monitoring of students attendance and performance
  • Frequent contact between students, faculty, and family
  • Ongoing recognition of accomplishments
  • Promotes positive feelings and attitudes towards others and themselves

Tips for a Successful Bulldog


  • Attend classes / Be on time
  • Be prepared / Stay Focused
  • Respect self & others
  • Develop a consistent work ethic
  • Get involved in school activities
  • Utilize StudentVue to track your academic progress


  • Make sure that your child arrives at school on time
  • Establish a consistent time and place to do homework
  • Utilize ParentVue to keep track of your student's academic progress
  • Discuss your child's personal and school goals
  • Support the teachers who work with your child
  • Attend Open House and Parent/Teacher conferences