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Counseling Hours



  Carla Williams-beard ex: 20205 Counselor's Secretary

Barbara Timm

(505) 843-6400 ext. 20344

Head Counselor (Last Names A-ESC) Wellness Committee

Office Hours: 7:45am-2:45pm

Josie Walton

(505) 843-6400 ext. 20207

Current # 505-738-3325

Counselor (Last Names ESD-LUC)


Office Hours: 7:00am- 2:00pm

Valerie Santacruz

(505) 843-6400 ext. 20208

Current # 505-750-4723

Counselor (Last Names LUD-REX)

Office Hours: 7:15am-2:15pm

Jessica Barreras

(505) 843-6400 ext. 20441

Current # 505-404-9720

Counselor (Last Names REY-Z)

Office Hours: 7:30-2:30

Clarissa Sandoval

College & Career Counselor, AVID

(505) 843-6400 ext. 20206

Current # 505-750-8823

Office Hours: 7:30-2:30

Michael Verrilli

Crossroads Counselor

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(505) 843-6400 ext. 20161

Current # 505 750-1743

Office Hours: 7:45am-2:45pm


To contact your counselor click on their name (not email address) to the left and fill out the form.  We will respond within 24-48 hours.

The Albuquerque High School Counseling Department is responsible for supporting the academic, personal, social, college and career needs of all students. Information that you share with a counselor is by law confidential and your trust is always a priority.

Conversations and information disclosed during sessions will not be shared with others. However, your safety and well-being are of great concern and if for any reason you indicate a desire to hurt yourself, to hurt others, or if you are in danger of, or are currently being hurt by someone (including neglect), your counselors are required to share that information with someone who can help protect you in dealing with those issues.

Counseling Services that are offered at Albuquerque High School include, but are not limited to, providing:

Services Provided


Academic Support

  • Individual student planning (4-year)
  • Transcript reviews and graduation credit checks
  • Pre-Registration & Registration
  • Standardized Test score review & advisement (SAT, ACT, SBA)
  • College Application Process (Letters of Rec.)
  • Goal-setting & career planning
  • Classroom guidance lessons
  • Credit recovery recommendations and registration (i.e. summer school, night school, & online classes)


Personal and Social Support


  • Individual counseling
  • Crisis response services
  • Peer facilitation/mediation
  • Consultation, collaboration, and referrals with community agencies
  • Coping strategies and problem-solving
  • Classroom guidance lessons (*Depending on needs of students)



College and Career Readiness

  • Financial Aid guidance (i.e. FAFSA & scholarships)
  • Assistance with college application process
  • College Events
  • Financial Aid Nights
  • FAFSA Completion Workshops
  • College Fair
  • Senior Night
  • College Visits
  • College Entrance Exam (i.e. registration, preparation, & promotion)
  • Dual Enrollment support
  • College searches
  • Guidance curriculum lessons
  • Work Permits
  • Internship and volunteer opportunities
  • Exam information (ACT, SAT, Accuplacer, AP),
  • College & career exploration
  • Scholarships

The mission of the Albuquerque High School counseling program is to support all students through a comprehensive and developmental approach by addressing academic, college/career and personal/social skills necessary to achieve quality learning and lifelong success.


Students graduate from Albuquerque High School as responsible and successful 21st Century Citizens.


The Albuquerque High School Counseling Program believes…

  • All students have dignity, worth, the capacity to learn and have the right to be served by a comprehensive school counseling program which provides academic, college/career, personal and social support.
  • All students’ ethnic, cultural differences and special needs are considered in planning and implementing the school-wide program.
  • There is a collaborative effort among the school counselors, administration, and teachers to coordinate with parents and the community.
  • Data will be used in assessing the needs and the effectiveness of the school counseling program and will drive future program development and evaluation.
  • School counselors adhere to ethical standards and regularly participate in professional development activities and abide by the professional school counseling ethics as advocated by American School Counselor Association.