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Adkins, Connie (505) 843-6400 ex.20348 Science Faculty
Adkins, Ralph (505) 843-6400 ex.20340 Drama Faculty
Agee, Forrest (505) 843-6400 ex.20364 Language Arts Faculty
Alvarado, Elizabeth (505) 843-6400 ex.20102 Mathematics Department Head Faculty
Austin, Drew (505) 843-6400 ex.20314 Music Faculty
Balanquit, Karen (505) 843-6400 ex.20107 Special Education Science Faculty
Banach, Randi (505) 843-6400 ex.20137 Mathematics Faculty
Behrmann, Mark (505) 843-6400 ex.20137 Language Arts Faculty
Bernstein, Sara (505) 843-6400 ex.20289 Language Arts Faculty
Caldwell, Lisa (505) 843-6400 ex.20341 Bilingual Science Faculty
Campbell, Austin (505) 843-6400 ex.20421 Language Arts Teacher
Campos, Maria (505) 843-6400 ex.20361 Language Arts Faculty
Cervantes, Angelo (505) 843-6400 ex.20112 Social Studies Faculty
Chavez, Douglas (505) 843-6400 ex.20113 Physical Education Faculty
Chavez, John Social Studies Faculty
Chowning, Todd (505) 843-6400 ex.20349 Science Faculty
Cofer, Daniel (505) 843-6400 ex.20401 Modern & Classical Languages Department Head Faculty
Cole, Calesia (505) 843-6400 ex.20115 Physical Education Faculty
Cole, Jacqueline (505) 843-6400 ex.20115 Physical Education Department Head Faculty
Cooper, Ira (505) 843-6400 ex.20335 Language Arts Faculty
Doane, Peter (505) 843-6400 ex.20446 Special Education Faculty
Dorame, Douglas (505) 843-6400 ex.20119 Athletic Director, Physical Education Faculty
Dunn, Stephanie (505) 843-6400 ex.20210 Activities Director
Eaves, Catherine (505) 843-6400 ex.20416 Fine Arts Faculty
Farmin, Silvina (505) 843-6400 ex.20121 Social Studies Faculty
Frazier, Lisa (505) 843-6400 ex.20305 Special Education Faculty
Frietze, Ernest (505) 843-6400 ex.20417 Health Faculty
Gamboa, Alma (505) 843-6400 ex.20120 Special Education Faculty
Garcia, Ron Physical Education Faculty / Basketball Coach
Garcia, Victor (505) 843-6400 ex.20135 Special Education Faculty
Garletts, John (505) 843-6400 ex.20274 Language Arts Faculty
Gilletly, John (505) 843-6400 ex.20418 Mathematics Faculty
Gillett, Elisabeth Fine Arts Faculty
Gomez, Gary (505) 843-6400 ex.20316 JROTC Faculty
Gorum, Larry (505) 843-6400 ex.20107 Science Faculty
Guerra Villafana, Lizeth (505) 843-6400 ex.20127 Career and Technical Education Faculty
Gutierrez, Gary (505) 843-6400 ex.20128 Special Education Faculty
Hart, Yolanda (505) 843-6400 ex.20243 VI Faculty
Hayes, Anne Fine Arts Faculty
Hernandez-padron, Mario (505) 843-6400 ex.20129 Science Faculty
Hillmeyer, Susan (505) 843-6400 ex.20136 Social Studies Faculty
Hinman, Courtney (505) 843-6400 ex.20164 Special Education Faculty
Hudgeons, Connie (505) 269-5401 Special Education Faculty
Jones, Chad (505) 843-6400 ex.20434 Athletic Trainer Faculty
Juarez, David (505) 843-6400 ex.20124 Special Education Faculty
Kelly, Mary (505) 843-6400 ex.20123 Social Studies Faculty
Kovach, Valerie (505) 843-6400 ex.20305 Special Education Faculty
Kuberry, Denise (505) 843-6400 ex.20101 Mathematics Faculty
Langner, Susan (505) 843-6400 ex.20268 Language Arts Faculty
Lober, Sherry (505) 843-6400 ex.20321 Career and Technical Education Faculty
Maldonado Ortiz, Oscar (505) 843-6400 ex.20235 Science Faculty
Manning, Amanda (505) 843-6400 ex.20407 Language Arts Faculty
Marrs, Beverly (505) 843-6400 ex.20237 Science Faculty
Martinez Garlobo, Angel (505) 843-6400 ex.20139 Mathematics Faculty
Martinez, Francine (505) 843-6400 ex.20404 Mathematics Faculty
Martinez, Lisa (505) 843-6400 ex.20229 Language Arts Lead Faculty, Bilingual Co-Coordinator
Mc Gough-maduena, Mara (505) 843-6400 ex.20406 Social Studies Faculty
Mcfadden, Chelsea (505) 843-6400 ex.20405 Language Arts Faculty
Medina-makil, Veronica (505) 843-6400 ex.20307 Career & Technical Education Faculty
Muchiri, Joseph (505) 843-6400 ex.20141 Mathematics Faculty
Napolitano, Rouella (505) 843-6400 ex.20117 Mathematics Faculty
Newsom, Joan (505) 843-6400 ex.20143 Special Education Faculty
Ochs, Mary (505) 843-6400 ex.20160 Special Education Faculty
Owens, Paula (505) 843-6400 ex.20315 Special Education Faculty
Pepke, Dale (505) 843-6400 ex.20320 Career and Technical Education Faculty
Phillips, James (505) 843-6400 ex.20286 Mathematics Faculty
Polve, James (505) 843-6400 ex.20316 ROTC Faculty
Quintana, Vivian (505) 843-6400 ex.20148 Mathematics Faculty
Robison, Jacqueline (505) 843-6400 ex.20149 Mathematics Faculty
Samora, Arthur (505) 843-6400 ex.20417 Special Education Faculty
SANCHEZ, DANIEL Special Education Eng. / Social Studies Teacher
Scales, Karen (505) 843-6400 ex.20154 Special Education Faculty
Schwartz, Sergio (505) 843-6400 ex.20295 Language Arts Faculty, Bilingual Co-Coordinator
Shatrowsky, William (505) 843-6400 ex.20134 Social Studies Faculty
Smith, Kristoffer (505) 843-6400 ex.20138 Special Education Faculty
Stephenson, Chad (505) 843-6400 Teacher
Stott, Elsie (505) 843-6400 ex.20314 Fine Arts Faculty
Strauss, Eric Career & Technical Education Faculty
Strickland, Magdalena Staff
Torrez, Sara (505) 843-6400 ex.20409 Language Arts Faculty
Troncoso, Yolanda (505) 843-6400 ex.20159 Modern & Classical Languages Teacher
Vasquez, Loretta (505) 843-6400 ex.20211 Special Education Faculty
Wahl, Michael (505) 843-6400 ex.20261 Social Studies Faculty